Sunday Blog Post in Photos – Campbell Valley Park

Namaste My Readers ❤ I am back in Vancouver! Check out our Urban Jungle Oasis. Our Buddha sits happily and peacefully in His garden. I cannot believe how much my plants have grown in a span of two weeks! I added a new plant to the mix, a Prayer plant from Wal-Mart for less than... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year 2018 + home made apple cider recipe!

Namaste my readers! Happy New Year 2018! How did you spend your New Years Eve? Braving the cold, bundling up and celebrating with family and friends outdoors or staying warm indoors? Whatever way you celebrated, partying or sleeping in, I hope that this New Years brings you all happiness, success and good health ❤ Hubby and... Continue Reading →

Good things will come to those who do not give up!

Namaste my readers & Seasons Greetings! Belated Christmas Greetings and Happy (early) New Year 2018! I am in Toronto with my family for the Christmas and New Years celebrations. It feels therapeutic to be at home, comfy with my parents, grandmother and brother around. Hubby had to work this past week and will be joining... Continue Reading →


Two cups of chai and Sunday randoms!

Namaste and Happy Sunday everyone! Hubby and I had date night on Saturday! We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, it was relaxing and wonderful! ❤ We visited Bloedel and loved the winter lights. We participated in a game where we had to find 12 Penguins in the conservatory, if we found all of them... Continue Reading →


Personalized Letter from Santa

Hello folks! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time, enjoying all the chocolates, smiles, holiday goodies and enjoying the thought of the upcoming Holiday Season! What are your plans in the upcoming weeks? At the clinic, every time we walk into the lunch room there is a new box of chocolates waiting for all of... Continue Reading →


Visit to the Vancouver Bloedel Conservatory!

Namaste friends! This weekend my bestie, H, and I toured a bit of Vancouver! We have known one another since highschool in Toronto! H moved from Ontario to Vancouver to work as an MD clinical trainee and we haven't had a chance to tour around together until now! Vancouver has been quite rainy for the... Continue Reading →


Wednesday Coffee Date!

Namaste everyone, Have some coffee or tea with me and let's catch up 🙂 ---> My exam is done, my CaRMS applications are in and.....well I feel lost as to what to do next, have you ever felt that way before? It has been go! go! go! When big things get done and then you... Continue Reading →


IMGs trying to match in Canada

Where does the time fly? Another two weeks have gone by without a post. I have been busy with studying (MCCQE1), traineeship, research, applications....and well enjoying married life in general! I wanted to dedicate a page/tab for my fellow IMGs trying to match into Canada. It's a difficult process and unfortunately there is little information... Continue Reading →


Friday night blog post…let’s catch up!

Namaste & good evening everyone,   It's Friday night and I'm typing away while sipping on some ayurvedic has been a while since I posted something. Let me make you some of your favourite tea, or do you prefer wine? Let's catch up... -> I love being married. It is so wonderful to wake... Continue Reading →


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