Travel Thursday: Part 2 Netherlands and Iceland

Here's Part 1 Part 2 The next morning we ate an okish breakfast at the hotel, rented a car from the Schiphol airport and met my cousin and her husband. We were so excited for Geithoorn! I was a little nervous about driving in another country (excluding US) but it was not a problem at... Continue Reading →


Cold Pasta Salad (vegan)

Cold Pasta Salad (vegan) My brother was invited to his friend's potluck BBQ so I thought I would help the kid out and make him a pasta salad. It turned out pretty good! Best eaten cold and on the same day you make it, as it is most creamy then! Ingredients - feeds 6 - 8... Continue Reading →

Cookie monster

I become a cookie monster when I study. My CAP exam is a few days away and I have been cramming as much info as I can into my head. I also got in some practice sessions with the family medicine resident who is working with me. SO THANKFUL that he could spare some time... Continue Reading →

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