First hike in Whistler, BC

Hope you're having a happy Saturday! I dropped my Hubby off at the airport this morning. He was over for a week and we had fun just spending some quality time together at home, watched Netflix, ate at new places and hiked. One of the positive things about a long-distance relationship is that I feel... Continue Reading →


Breaking bad news to a patient

As I study for this Clinical Skills exam, I am definite one of the cases I will be tested on is how I break bad news to patients. I came across a few videos that is helping me prepare for this... SPIKES: S: Setting up (calm setting, establishing rapport) P: Patient's perception (find out what... Continue Reading →

Coffee date post

I came across the idea of a coffee date post from Fitnessista and¬†Fairyburger. I thought I'd do it too because there is so much to catch up on.... Let us sit on a comfy couch at a coffee shop, while it is raining outside and catch up on our lives. Your coffee/tea/hot chocolate is on... Continue Reading →

Busy bee.

Things are getting hectic, which is a good thing! My baby brother will be visiting me today! He's driving in from Ontario....which means he has been driving for the past 3-4 days across the country. He's making this visit not only to see me but to bring all my boxes, my bike and personal items... Continue Reading →

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