First hike in Whistler, BC

Hope you’re having a happy Saturday!

I dropped my Hubby off at the airport this morning. He was over for a week and we had fun just spending some quality time together at home, watched Netflix, ate at new places and hiked. One of the positive things about a long-distance relationship is that I feel like I am dating my husband and the honeymoon feeling doesn’t go away ūüôā

We visited Cheakamus Lake (in Whistler, B.C.) for a¬†day. It was a relatively easy hike, a few elevations but mostly flat, 6 hours in total. We started our hike a bit later in the day though so we only hiked for 4 hours. It was meh….ok I guess? We have been to other places before: Washington State (Hoh Rainforest), Ontario (Algonquin Provincial Park, Rattlesnake Point, Tobermory), Florida (Blue Spring State Park)… the walk along the way was kind of boring. Some melting snow so it got very slushy and muddy…..but when we stopped and rested for lunch:

Cheakamus Lake

Totally worth it! We also stopped by Shannon Falls and Tantalus lookout on our way back from Whistler to Vancouver.


We also got the chance to visit a nearby park called Blackie Spit Park. It was a gorgeous afternoon and low tide. There were kids from school doing some sort of beach “treasure hunt” with their teachers. They found starfish and crabs. After the kids left, I and Hubby walked over and enjoyed watching these beautiful creatures!¬†Here are some pics from the park!


All in all awesome week!

On a side note, some must-watch comedies on Netflix Canada: Master of None and Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King






Breaking bad news to a patient

As I study for this Clinical Skills exam, I am definite one of the cases I will be tested on is how I break bad news to patients. I came across a few videos that is helping me prepare for this…


S: Setting up (calm setting, establishing rapport)

P: Patient’s perception (find out what the patient knows)

I: Invitation (what does the patient want to know, how much does she/he want to know)

K: Knowledge (delivery of news in a sensitive, informative, honest way)

E: Emotions and empathy (what concerns does the patient have? acknowledge emotions. Be supportive.)

S: Strategy and summary (get pt’s input. support system? find out what can I do for him/her? offer to help talk to the family. assure patient I am here to answer any questions..)


Coffee date post

I came across the idea of a coffee date post from Fitnessista and¬†Fairyburger. I thought I’d do it too because there is so much to catch up on….

Let us sit on a comfy couch at a coffee shop, while it is raining outside and catch up on our lives. Your coffee/tea/hot chocolate is on me!

As we sip on our drinks, I tell you…..¬†

…….that I had a wonderful time with my brother this past week. We spent some quality sister-brother bonding time (and bickering time!), toured Vancouver and went to the tulip festival. Here are some pictures:¬†

I convinced my brother to do something silly with me! ‚̧

I blink back some tears as I tell you that I am starting to feel homesick. I have been so busy with things these past few months that I didn’t realize how much I missed my family until I saw my brother….

I am stressing about my exam and my future feels so uncertain. At this moment I want my husband with me because I miss him more than ever but I will have to be happy with our online conversations until I see him again…

I tell you about my friend from medical school who is so amazingly beautiful and talented! I think about the fun times back in medical school, oh so many years ago! She is now practicing in Ireland has started up her own business! She bakes lactation cookies for new Moms that help increase breastmilk production. A doctor, a wife and a new Mom who now also runs a business (she also blogs)! So proud of her! 

–> The Milk Booster

I share my obsession with purchasing vegan lipsticks from Colourpop! I have to stop buying them when they have all these crazy promotions on their site! I’ll show you my mug-filled collection another day….how do you like the new¬†colour I am wearing now? (mix of Poison lippie-stix with Beeper liquid lipstick). I love playing with the¬†colours!

One thing is for sure, coffee and conversation makes me feel better.  I smile and tell you that I am thankful for the opportunities I have in front of me. The new adventures, experiences, and challenges. This is just another transition in my life. Things will be ok. 

Typical me, I always talk about myself first….so what have you been up to?¬†




Busy bee.

Things are getting hectic, which is a good thing!

My baby brother will be visiting me today! He’s driving in from Ontario….which means he has been driving for the past 3-4 days across the country. He’s making this visit not only to see me but to bring all my boxes, my bike and personal items from home since I will be here in BC long term with husband.

I have a few things planned. Wish I could spend more time with him but I have studying to do (get to that in a bit). We are going to visit the Abbotsford¬†Tulip Festival tomorrow morning. Best time to go during the week and in the morning. Fewer people walking around, best view, best pictures! Rain in the forecast -we’ll take an umbrella!

A week ago I was notified that I was accepted into a¬†clinical assessment program in BC for international medical graduates. They offer 200 seats for this assessment program in all of Canada. This CAP assessment is mandatory to even be considered for an interview at Univ of British Columbia’s residency programs. So the higher you score the better your chances at an interview!

It’s an OSCE-type exam. There won’t be mock-patients to speak to and do physicals on, but we will be sitting one-on-one with an examiner, 6 stations (if I remember correctly) and we will be given patient scenarios we will need to provide DDX, labs, mx and tx,¬†counseling etc, for each scenario.

This is the FIRST YEAR they are doing a one day assessment! Previous years assessments have been rotations in hospitals (4 weeks long!) and at the end of the rotations, you were given an evaluation score. Needless to say I am nervous! My exam is in the first week of June and I don’t have too much time to prepare for this. Found a study buddy and got to get cracking at this!