Tenacity of purpose.

I never liked physics, I found it difficult and was barely squeaking by, but I pushed on through and at the end of the semester my physics teacher gave me my final back and told me this, I have a tenacity of purpose. Beautiful words. Thank you, Mr. Burns. I will never forget it. I... Continue Reading →


Banana muffins (vegan)

I love shopping at Walmart when they stock up the discounted section. I scored myself two bags of snowpeas $1, two chayote squash (South Indian molagutal recipe for another day) and mint $1, two dragonfruit $1, 50% off coconut yogurt $2 and a huge bag of 10 very ripe bananas for ONE BUCK. That's right! My eyes... Continue Reading →

One pot noodles

Had my first day of anesthesiology. Very fun! Many epidurals today, learned a lot! Wonderful teacher! Practice intubating with a manikin, looking forward to doing some real ones soon. Long day so all I wanted to do was come back and make something quick....and used this recipe and dumped everything into a pot! One pot.... Continue Reading →

I chose to…

I have a choice as to whether I let external factors bother me or not. Woke up at 6 am, got ready, ate a good breakfast because I get grumpy without food, grabbed my coffee (travel mug) and set out to walk to the bus stop for the 7:05 am bus. I looked forward to... Continue Reading →

Green lentil/moong daal curry.

Green lentil/moong daal curry (vegan). Ingredients: 1 - 1.5 cups cooked green lentils/moong daal 3 ripe tomatoes 1 green chilli, Sriracha to taste if you like it more spicy half red onion & 1 clove garlic Small piece of ginger (1 inch or smaller, you can use ginger powder as well) jeera (cumin seeds), salt and... Continue Reading →

Compassionate doctor.

My thought of the day: Training under a compassionate and caring physician is a wonderful thing. I learn so much, not only about medicine, but also patient care that I hope to carry forward in my own medical career. Patients really appreciate: callbacks of labs/results that are negative too! It gives them a sense of relief.... Continue Reading →

Bread upma

Bread Upma (vegan) This is one of those quick snacks that is filling and sort of nutritional 🙂 Good to have with tea or coffee. half an onion 1 green pepper 2 ripe small tomatoes 1-2 handfuls of kale/spinach green chilli Bread (I used sour dough rye bread 4-5 medium slices) jeera/cumin seeds, salt, Bombay... Continue Reading →

This and that…

Random thoughts... I love the unsweetened coconut flakes I bought at Walmart. I am already starting to think about tomorrow morning's breakfast oatmeal....with some coconut! Right after work, I come home and relax with strawberry-banana-soy milk smoothies, three ingredients. So simple and so so good! Totally worth buying frozen strawberries. I have been watching Downton... Continue Reading →

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