Spicy Coconut Curry

As I wait for my husband to finish up his PhD in the US and join me (soon), I moved into a basement apartment today. I couldn't be happier! When I initially relocated from ON to BC a few months ago, I decided to rent a little room in a big house with a family of... Continue Reading →


Priceless Advice…

My attending physician looked me straight in the eye today and gave me some very important advice. ALWAYS remember your nurses' names. They will make or break you.  I felt very embarrassed. I called a nurse by the wrong name today. YIKES! I have been so busy trying to make sure I did well with... Continue Reading →

Continue to have fun!

When we have a career goal and go out to achieve it we're bound to face obstacles and not meet the "timelines" we set for ourselves. By my early-20s I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in ____ By my early-30s I will graduate from medical school and start working as a physician.. and...then I... Continue Reading →

Cat & Dog Love

Hi everyone, Happy Friday!!! I am temporarily renting a bedroom in a house with a family that has both a cat, Ms. Charleston and a dog, Mr. Toby 🙂 Initially, we (me and the animals) were hesitant of each other. No petting, just a Hi and we would go our ways....but in the past two... Continue Reading →

How do I keep motivated?

What kept me motivated all these years?  My parents, my husband, my friends, random strangers who shared their struggle-success stories and definitely myself as well. There were days I did not want to get up out of bed. I did not see the point of waking up and having to open my email to see... Continue Reading →

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